How Do I Request a Refund on an Invoice?

You can request a refund during the cancellation period.

On the header, under Orders, click Cancel Work-Offer to see a list of possible invoices for which you can request a refund.

If a refund is requested for work that has already been completed, the seller will have a chance to either accept or deny the refund. If the seller denies the refund request, it will be sent to 2 Drops support for mediation.

If a refund is requested and there is still work that has not been completed (only relevant for multi-stage Work Offers) the amount paid for the work that has not been completed will be refunded.

All refunds granted include the 15% service fee.

Note that for the case of mediation, 2 Drops has the final say on whether or not you are eligible for a refund, as per our terms of service.