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2 Drops is a platform that allows clients to find translators by their expertise and work with them securely.

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How it works

Translate material for clients, securely.


Enter relevant information about yourself and the language services you offer to build your profile.

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Users see your profile and contact you if they're interested in working together.

Make an offer

Send clients you're interested in working with a 2-Drops-Work-Offer specifying the word count and completion time of the work.

Work and get paid

If the client is interested, he pays the offer and you begin working. Payment is transferred to you several days after the Deadline of the Work-Offer.

We're different

Why 2 Drops?

2 Drops offers translators things that no other translator platform offers.

Emphasis on expertise

Translate work in subjects that interest you and in which you are knowledgeable — thus giving you an advantage over others.

Guaranteed payment

2 Drops collects payment from the client before you start working, so you can be sure that you'll be paid once the work is successfully delivered.

Freedom and flexibility

You set your rate; you choose which clients to work with and what material to translate.

Simple communication

Simple, smooth chat with your client before, during and after the work.

A translator database

Join other translators like you

2 Drops brings professional translators of all languages to one place and allows them to build a reputation.

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