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Everything is carried out online & on our secure platform.


Search for a translator and use the ratings and expertise displayed to decide which you'd like to contact.


Contact and converse with as many translators as you like, all via the secure 2 Drops platform; you can even ask your translator to translate a short sample for you for free.

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The translator sends you a 2-Drops-Work-Offer that outlines the work and its deadline, if you agree to the terms, you pay the offer securely via the 2 Drops platform, and work may begin. Payment is only transferred to the translator after completion of the work.

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You work directly with the translator, thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money.

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2 Drops allows you to search for a translator by specific field/industry. This exposes you to translators that are knowledgeable in the necessary subject matter - who will have a better understanding of your text and therefore provide a better translation.

Direct contact between client and translator

Both before selecting a translator and after, you are in direct contact with the translators. Easy, frictionless communication between client and translator is the cornerstone of a successful translation. The client can answer relevant questions, emphasize important instructions or provide additional files as/if the need arises.

Cheaper translation services

Direct correspondence with the translator eliminates the need for translation companies. So you avoid all the extra fees associated with working with a translation company.

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Common categories

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Document translation services

Whatever the needs of your business, find a professional translator to translate your document.

Technical translation services

Find a translator that specializes in your industry to translate your technical texts.

Academic translation services

Students, professors, researchers — translate your academic articles, reports & other academic texts.

Article translation services

Translate lengthy, subject-specific articles accurately by finding a translator that's familiar with the subject matter.

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