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Translate certificates and various other documents. Search for a translator and select the most fitting one to work with.

The process

How it works

The whole translation process in a few easy, quick steps.


Search for a translator and use the ratings and expertise displayed to decide which you'd like to contact.


Contact and converse with as many translators as you like; you can even ask them to translate a short sample for you for free.

Pay (securely)

The translator sends you a 2-Drops-Work-Offer that outlines the work and its completion date, if you agree to the terms, you pay the offer, securely, and work may begin. Payment is only transferred to the translator after completion of the work.

A sharp translator search

Our advantage

You work directly with the translator, thus cutting out the middle man and saving you money.

Translation companies charge too much

Translation companies work by finding you the most fitting translator. However, their list of translators is usually modest, and they charge a hefty premium to cover the normal expenses of a company.

2 Drops offers more for less

2 Drops' highly targeted translator search allows you to find the most fitting translator from our large list of professional translators, thereby bypassing translation companies and their high fees.

2 Drops is the better option

In the end, you're left with a professional translation done by a translator who's an expert in the necessary fields, all for a fraction of the cost that a translation company would charge.

Translation services

What we offer

There are many types of translation out there... and many different translators to carry them out. On 2 Drops, you'll find the right one, easily.

General translation services

CV's, general articles or letters or even certain business materials are some examples of documents that can be translated without knowledge in a particular expertise.

Technical translation services

Legal documents, academic papers, owner's manuals, medical reports/articles, business marketing content (like brochures) or other business materials are all examples of texts that usually require a translator with a specific set of expertise. Such a translator will understand the source text better, and therefore perform a better translation.

Other language services

Users can search for proofreaders and summarizers for their documents as well.

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