What is 2 Drops?

Founded in 2016, 2 Drops is a website that allows users to find and work directly with professional translators.

Searching for a translator, chatting with them and registering are entirely free. You only pay when/if you start working with your translator.

About the founder

Yuval Schwartz founded 2 Drops after realizing, first hand, the tremendous impact that a translator's knowledge of the subject matter has on the quality of his translation services.

Yuval has a B.S. from the Faculty of Math and Computer Science at Emory University and an M.Sc. from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Technion.

Our basic principles

1. Work directly with the translator

Allowing users to work directly with translators (as opposed to going through a translation company) will result in lower prices.

Rather than pay a translation company, we give you the tools necessary to locate your ideal professional translator from our database, which is most likely larger than any translation company's.

2. The translator's expertise

A translator's knowledge of the subject matter is crucial, especially when translating technical documents.

Being proficient in the subject matter of the document allows a translator to better understand the document, which ultimately leads to a more accurate, professional translation.