What is 2 Drops?

Founded in 2016, 2 Drops is a website that allows users to find and work directly with professional translators.

Searching for a translator, chatting with them and registering are entirely free. You only pay when/if you start working with your translator.

Our basic principles

1. Work directly with the translator

Allowing users to work directly with translators (as opposed to going through a translation company) will result in lower prices.

Rather than pay a translation company, we give you the tools necessary to locate your ideal professional translator from our database, which is most likely larger than any translation company's.

2. The translator's expertise

A translator's knowledge of the subject matter is crucial, especially when translating technical documents.

Being proficient in the subject matter of the document allows a translator to better understand the document, which ultimately leads to a more accurate, professional translation.

About the founder

Yuval Schwartz founded 2 Drops after realizing, first hand, the tremendous impact that a translator's knowledge of the subject matter has on the quality of his translation services.

Yuval has a B.S. from the Faculty of Math and Computer Science at Emory University and an M.Sc. from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Technion.