The buyer can cancel the Work-Offer at any time.

There are two different periods that characterize how a cancellation takes place: the Work Period and the Review Period.

Period Description Cancellation Process

Work Period

The period from the Start Time of the stage or from the end of any previous Stage's Review Period (the later of the two) up until the deadline of the stage or submittal of the stage’s work (whichever comes first).

The buyer makes the seller an offer. The seller can accept or reject the offer.

The offer expires once the stage’s work period ends.

A new cancellation may be requested if this one expires or is rejected.

Review Period

The period after the deadline of the stage or after submittal of the work for the stage (whichever comes first) up until 2 days after the deadline of the stage.

*If the work is submitted after the stage deadline, then this period lasts up until 2 days after submittal of the work.

The buyer makes a request to cancel the Work-Offer. The seller must reply to the request. If the seller rejects the request, it goes to 2 Drops for mediation and final decision.

Completed stages (those whose Review Period has passed) are not refunded. Stages that have not yet begun are refunded.